Friday, April 23, 2010

iSquared Photoshoot 4/20

Once again I had the opportunity to work with Marcia Prentice of Apartment Therapy, only this time it wasn't anyone's house we were shooting... it was a retail space! A little different for me but still a lot of fun. The place is called Interior Illusions (or iSquared), and it's in downtown on 758 south Spring. The owner Mike was a super cool guy, and I will probably be going back there at some point to collect a few pieces for my own place. Anyhow, enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Headshots: Andrea Buchanan

I took some headshots of my friend Andrea recently to test out my new macro lens. She is so photogenic! The pictures came out great. Portrait photography is still new to me, but I really enjoy it so far!

love this one!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Herman-Miller Showroom

If you get the chance, go check out the Herman-Miller showroom in Culver City. My god... it's a thing of beauty. Everyone we met was incredibly nice, and they sort of just let us roam around and shoot. The space was a "working showroom", which just meant that the showroom itself functioned as an office for the HM staff. Anyway, here's some shots!

AIA Home Tour Venice

Recently I had the AMAZING opportunity to shoot the American Institute of Architect's home tour in Venice for Marcia Prentice of If you've never read that site before, check it out! The whole shoot was an incredible experience, and was my first big architectural gig :) so hopefully some greatness comes out of it.